Learn about our roofing services, providing you (homeowner) 8 simple steps to help you replace your roof.

Dallas Roofing Contractors is not just your local Mckinney Roofing Contractor, we're the preferred contractor in the DFW Metroplex. Our Veterans will help you through the difficult decision of deciding if and when it's time to file a claim with your insurance company or simply when the damage constitutes a minor repair. Dallas Roofing Contractors trained staff can offer an affordable repair and/or replacement solutions on residential and/or commercial projects including but not limited to providing claims assistance from the beginning of the process to the end.

8 Simple Steps to your Insurance Claim Process

  1. Have contractor call your insurance company and file a claim for you.
  2. Follow up with claims manager to schedule adjustment date
  3. Meet adjuster on property to protect our home owners best interest
  4. Educate our home owner on RCV, ACV, Deductible, Depreciation and other items on the insurance scope of work
  5. Provide supplemental assistance on behalf of our home owner to ensure accuracy on the scope of work
  6. Enjoy the best materials available installed by the most skilled labor in the market place
  7. Receive a LIFETIME LIMITED warranty from your favorite contractor upon 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  8. Know that you could have went with 1000 different contractors but you decided to support our Veterans

How to file an Insurance Claim

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When you home has been through a Hail Storm such as the one in this video you're obviously are going to need your roof and property inspected.  Having a Roofing Contractor see you if you warrants filling an Insurance Claim is a very important decision to make first.  You're Homeowners Insurance carries a typical deductible of 1% of your homes insured value.  This means if you have 200 thousand dollars worth of coverage, you're deductible is often $2,000.

Dallas Roofing Contractors 469-269-2838
When you're insurance adjuster visits the property and doesn't find enough Hail Strikes in a 10 X 10 area on all 4 sides of your roof to approve it for replacement you're in a pinch.  Since the Roof is the major ticket item, the gutters, fence and other minor repairs such as window beading will be approved for replacement but can be very close the the deductible amount.  An example would be a claim for $3,000 worth of damage and your deductible is $2,000 so you get a check for $1,000 once repairs are completed.  It's important to know that the items in your claim are no longer insured under your policy until the repairs have been made.

Dallas Roofing Contractors 469-269-2838
I would highly recommend that you give Dallas Roofing Contractors a phone call to get your free Roofing Inspection as a piece of mind before filling your claim.  Once the claim is filed, have your Contractor meet the Adjuster to make sure you're getting represented by a professional who has your best interests at heart.  You can reach DFC by calling 469-269-2838 and ask for Ron.  The original blog can be found at http://rainmakerseo.blogspot.com/.  Jesus is the reason for the season and we'll be looking forward to assisting you.  - RR