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Today Ron Robey thanked Tony Delsol on Easter Sunday for originally inviting him and his family to Elevate Life Church five years ago.  The "Super Bowl" of religion (Jesus Christ's Resurrection) changed the world forever 2,014 years ago.  One simple invite card to the "Worlds Best Kept Secret" can change your life while opening your eyes to the awesome power of God flowing through the imperfect vessels at ELC.  It's amazing how something that takes such little effort as an invitation could be the turning point for a family that can possibly echo through their generations.  Tony is a servant leader at ELC and has always been a man of God in Ron's eyes.

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Pastor Keith Craft from Elevate Life Church has constructed the Cathedral of Frisco which God had marked an X on this property long before the fastest growing city in the US sparked its boom.  Pastor Keith may not be a household name but has shared the stage with the likes of Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Tony Romo, Zig Ziglar, Terry Bradshaw and Rudy Giuliani to name a few.  Elevate Life Church with Pastor Keith has joined the "Champions Network" and aligned himself with Joel Osteen from Lakewood Church.  You can't choose the family that your were born into but you can decide who to go through life with later.  Your "Family of Choice" and alignments are the most important thing you will or won't do in your life so choose wisely and put God first!

Ron traveled back to his home state of Virginia to surround himself with the family and friends that have always been there through thick and thin.  Leaving behind two daughters and his Church home, Ron thought he was making the right decision.  Obviously a man can go crazy without his school aged children and his place of worship.  Thank God that Elevate Life Church offers alternative ways to attend from another state by clicking and then clicking the Watch Now button.  As all relationships have the potential of disappointment, the real relationship that Ron was seeking was a relationship with the person who has never turned his back on him, God.  Pastor Sheila prayed for Mr. Robey and his family in Feburary and after 7 short weeks has was restored to his family and life in Texas just in time to celebrate the good news of Christ's Resurrection
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The Washington Redskins just got better!!!

Former four time Pro Bowl Philadelphia Eagles Receiver / Punt Returner DeSean Jackson met with Washington Redskins Quaterback Robert Griffin III in LA today.  This meeting was to discuss the possibility of joining this once dominate Redskins franchise.  It's important to star players to remain in the spotlight and have their hands on the ball as much as possible.  This being said, chemistry builds confidence between a QB and his Receiver.  Quite frankly there has been enough drama with "I need more attention" player disruptions like a Terrell Owens and/or a Dez Bryant type of teammate.  The other item to discuss would be DeSean Jackson having to change his number since RGIII wears number 10.

Redskins Cornerback DeAngelo Hall has found his way back into the spotlight recently after the release and possible addition of his fearless rival.  DJax and DHall together would be the first reason you would think team chemistry would suffer but Hall announced from the highest rooftops that Jackson would make the team better and he's all for it.  This was no surprise as Hall actually scored more points by himself than the entire offense in the first half of the first 5 games last season combined.  Obviously Hall would welcome anyone who could score a touchdown after last years 3 and 13 performance.  Check out the full blog at

DeSean Jackson left LA and flew into Dulles International Airport where he was introduced to mob of reporters.  Escaping with the traditional ear phones drowning out any questions, Jackson proceeded to meet Jay Gruden (Redskins Rookie Head Coach) and Bruce Allen (Redskins GM) for a dinner meeting.  Tuesday will be the official meeting between the Washington Redskins and DeSean Jackson where Dan Snyder will be present for the expected signing of (DJax) the biggest fish in the sea of NFL Free Agency 2014.  The Redskins have 6.4 million of cap room at this time and are one of the few teams that can pay market value for a player of Jackson's talent.  Rebuilding is over, the only goal would be to take the Skins from the worst team in the NFL to the SUPER BOWL in Jesus name, Amen. 
DeAngelo Hall answers press about DeSean Jackson coming to Washington


"Willie leading the way with Progressive Waste Solutions"
Steve Kirby (Willie Nelson) was originally born in Fort Worth, TX where he soon moved to a Garland, TX to live with his mom and step dad. Willie volunteered for the United States Navy in 1971 (after turning 17) in a time when Americans were being drafted.  He signed up to be a Yeoman which is equivalent of being an admin personnel or "desk clerk" in Willies own words.  This would prove to be a safe position with a very low chance of losing your life.

While sitting at his desk in the office he began typing up an available Navy Seal position that needed to be filed immediately.  Willie thinks that he was "just in the right place at the right time" and made it known that he was interested in this assignment.  His supervisor asked, "what experience do you have son?" and Willie replied, "I'm an expert with a rifle, I'm pretty knowledgeable with hand to hand combat, I'm a great swimmer and I have a mean bite!"  After passing a few simple tasks of swimming underwater the entire Olympic sized swimming pool and a few other basic physical requirements Willie began his Seal training.  He learned many skills from jump school, scuba school, explosives training and water survival to name a few.

During the summer of 1972, "Willie" was assigned to a submarine group in Italy because he was the most qualified Seal that was available.  Almost a year had went by before Steve Kirby received his papers announcing his involvement with the SEALS.  A major part of the conflict had declined since 1969 when the campaign was at it's peak but the seals had a hit list like a deck of cards.  Willie would travel in and out of Vietnam throughout the next year on seek and destroy missions.  "Willie" stopped counting the men after his 25th confirmed kill. He sadly realized that every time he would pay another visit to Vietnam, people were killed on our side and theirs.  "They were getting the worst of it," Steve remarked.
"Willie working with American Veterans Fence Company"
In the middle of a firefight in late 73, Willie had been shot by the enemy and 2 Seals from his 5 to 6 man team were tasked with carrying him to the extraction point.  Willie didn't feel like it was fair for the men to carry him and not defend themselves so he demanded to be put down.  The Vietnamese captured him and Willie remembers being in the dark for the next week with only one bright light.  Interrogation tactics were used as rocks were thrown at him in addition to the mental and physical abuse.  He was asked questions like, "Where's your units?" "Are your parents rich?" "Will they pay a ransom to get you back?"  "Is the President your Dad?"  His Navy Seal team came back to rescue him less than a week later.  "Willy" is a POW and has been stabbed 4 times during this military experience.

Almost a year later Willie was vacationing in the Netherlands as his Seal team informed him to hang out with them in the mountains.  Before his vacation was halfway over, he had orders to meet a helicopter in the morning.  This helicopter would take "Willie" to an aircraft carrier where he would catch a flight out.  At the midpoint of the flight without warning "Willie" was ejected from his plane on purpose and he parachuted into the Mediterranean Sea.  Ten minutes later he felt little nibbles on his legs that wouldn't stop.  After punching one man in the face breaking his goggles, the scuba divers surfaced and explained to him his next assignment.  Using the buddy system of sharing the air supply, they descended to the submarine and his new home base.  He later found out that the Admiral was on board and he was about to begin his best and final years in the Navy.

"Our Veterans will not be forgotten"
Shortly after this introduction, Willie had been personally selected to be the Admirals driver and assistant.  Driving the Ford LTD with the 2 star general was not Willies favorite assignment but driving the Porsche from Naples to Rome on the Autobahn was.  Willie remembers getting there in an hour and having the time of his life.  The Admiral also had his own yacht that was between 50 and 75 feet long and would seldom travel between Naples and Sicily.  Many nights of drinking and fishing were memories that he'll never forget and helping the Senior Leadership make their way back to quarters was just part of his duties.

Today "Willie" works with Ron Robey and American Veterans Fence Company which is a Fence Contractor in the Mckinney Texas area.  This corporation helps Veterans find work to support their families.  If you live in the North Texas area and would like employ "Willie" to complete a Fence, Flooring, Roofing, SEO, Christmas Light Installation or any other minor/major Handyman work please call 469-269-2838 (AVET). You may also visit us online at or or visit us on Facebook. Let's not forget our Veterans and the sacrifices they made for our country.

Freddie Roach and Ron Robey in Dallas, TX

Father's Day Eve 2013, Dick's Last Resort in Dallas provided a live band, great food, cold refreshments and an opportunity to coincidentally met the greatest fighting trainer on this planet. Freddie Roach is not only a retired professional boxer with a 40 wins, 15 losses and 0 draws record but also was inducted into the California Boxing Hall of Fame in 2006. He was named "Trainer of the Year" by the BWAA in 2003, 2006, 2008 and again in 2009. Roach is currently the boxing coach for 8 Division World Champ +Manny Pacquiao  and a fighting coach for UFC's Welterweight Champion +Georges St. Pierre. Being known as the "BEST IN THE BUSINESS" has allowed Roach to train boxings' WBC Champion +Julio Cesar Chavez Jr . and Oscar De La Hoya in a 2007 "Supermatch" on Cinco De Mayo with +Floyd Mayweather . He has also trained some of the greatest UFC fighters to include +Dan Hardy , +Tito Ortiz , +Anderson Silva , +BJ Penn and Andrei Arlovski when he won the UFC Heavyweight Championship over Ben Rothwell on July 19th's Affliction inaugural show. In 2008 Freddie received the "Lifetime Achievement Award" from the WBC followed up with being inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2012 and the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame in 2013.

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4/23/13 American Veterans Fence Company partners up with IESI / Progressive Waste Solutions to put 23 Veterans to work.

On 4/5/13 American Veterans Fence Company partnered with IESI (Progressive Waste Systems) in McKinney, TX to set up a new shipping and receiving facility in Murphy, TX. For the past 5 Days IESI has put 23 Military Veterans to work dropping off cans, loading and unloading trucks. We couldn't be happier with their crew and encourage anyone and everyone to wave at your IESI (Progressive) driver when you see him passing by. It's no secret that CC/CR is the new preferred McKinney Roofing Contractor but we're also considered to be the fastest growing McKinney company in 2013. Keep supporting our Veterans by calling 469-269-2838 (AVET) or 571-882-9627 for your next project.

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